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Very happy that Private chose to do an English schoolgirls site, or perhaps just an upscale european private school type of affair. It's sort of an increasing trend the last few years, and who better than Private to pull of a site devoted to girls of posh private schools? Only natural! See girls in their academy uniforms complete with skirts and ties.

Young Harlots Academy

Now here's an obscure niche for you. VF Academy caters to guys who like girls in classic and retro schoolgirl outfits from England. A school uniform fetish site, but of styles that were popular in England in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. Skirts, high socks, ties, plaid, cardigan sweaters, patent leather shoes, it's all covered in detail here.

VF Academy

Being left alone at home with a young teen girl whose being paid to look after your every desire? It's no wonder they make porn sites about it really. Certainly one of the better teen fantasies. Babysitter Movies focuses on videos of teen babysitters doing a bit extra for their after school money.

Babysitter Movies

They weren't kidding around when they named this site Private School Jewel! In this set Jewel is in a school playground on a swingset, swinging back and forth with the school in the background. It's hard to see on the streams but at full quality you can see she's not wearing any panties and providing some peeks. Later on she gets fully naked at the swingset, naked in public!

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Private School Jewel
Private Jewel
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Peddling to one of the all time great sexual fantasies for men, of having sex with a schoolmate while doing some homework for classes.

Fuck Studies

After just having reviewed AV Idolz which is made by the same people, Jav HQ is feeling all very familiar. Just older and bigger. It's also based on teen Japanese girls which is a bit more specific.


Asian schoolgirls are all the rage these days, what with their cute little sailor girl uniforms with skirts and stockings, hiding a most likely very hairy bushy pussy underneath a pair of silky white panties. J girl content right from Japon.

Japanese Schoolgirls

This one is bound to get a lot of attention from the fans of Japanese comics, anime and the whole cosplay fetish that's really becoming a force to be reckoned with as it develops and gains momentum. See Asian girls dressed up in fantastical outfits devoted to their favorite characters such as Sailor Moon for example. Teen Japanese girls in costumes, what's not to love here?

J Cosplay
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